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As a student at Boston College, Allie Sherwood was a awarded the, “Specialty Concentration Recognition for Clinical Excellence in Community Health” for her work in Community Health Nursing interventions.  This love for community health stemmed for a longstanding commitment to working within a healthcare setting in which all patients were welcomed and cared for within their neighborhood.  Allie’s philosophy as a Family Nurse Practitioner, is that all patients spiritual, social, and medical needs should be treated on an individual basis in context to their belief system, family units, and drivers to care.  Allie’s goal in providing primary care is to improve health outcomes through a mutual care plan with patient centered, realistic goals, set out at each visit.  Allie has also completed training in LGBT specific care, and looks to assure all patients are provided with accepting, and moreover competent care.  She has been trained in contraceptive technologies, including competence in IUD placement, and implanted contraceptive methods.  Her nursing work included specialty concentration and training in Diabetes management and patient health teaching, and she remains passionate about holistic care management needs for patients with multiple co-morbidities.   She is passionate about providing holistic, culturally, and linguistically competent care to her community.

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