Board of Directors

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Charles River Community Health is governed by a Board of Directors, who provide their leadership on a volunteer basis.

Charles River Community Health Board of Directors 2017-8

Julie Moran, Chair
Elizabeth Whittemore, Vice Chair
Todd Woodworth, Treasurer
Susan Kearns, Clerk
Amit Soni, Vice Clerk
Gabriela Canepa
Julia Collins
Caroline Grossman
Vinay Gupta
Steven Kent
Tracey Mangham
Patrice McGregor
Sagrario Ortiz
Lamine Savadogo
Stephanie Sunderland-Ramsey

Hieu Do
Mel Scovell
Nadene Stein
Honorary Members
Hyacinth McLaren


Pictured here are our Board of Directors for FY 2018:

From left to right (front row): Hyacinth McLaren (Advisor), Susan Kearns (Clerk), Todd Woodworth (Treasurer), Stephanie Sunderland-Ramsey, Caroline Grossman, Julie Moran (Chair)

(Back Row):  Hieu Do (Advisor), Patrice McGregor, Steven Kent, Lamine Savadogo, Elizabeth Whittemore (Vice Chair)

(Pictured separately): Amit Soni (Vice Clerk), Vinay Gupta